KVM Vps or OpenVZ Linux VPS Hosting

When we’re looking for VPS as a hosting solution for your business, a couple of questions are bound to pop up.  Besides the general disk space and RAM capabilities, one other question is very common among the customers of VPS hosting: which virtualization should I choose for, KVM Linux VPS Hosting or OpenVZ Linux VPS Hosting? These two are not the only options when it comes to virtualization, but they are by far the most popular.

As with many other debatable choices in web hosting, you must choose what you deem most suitable for your business needs. But before you come to your decision, you should know what sets the two virtualization systems apart and which are the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Operating System

The fundamental difference lies in the fact that OpenVZ Linux VPS Hosting can only host Linux operating systems, whereas KVM Linux VPS Hosting is much more flexible and versatile, being able to accommodate Linux, Windows, as well other custom OS options.


OpenVZ is known for allowing the complete sharing of resources, which can be seen as both a positive and a negative feature. It uses a shared (thus non-customizable) kernel with its own layer of virtualization on top of the OS.

Once you as individual user use up your allocated RAM, what remains is distributed among the other users on the server. Therefore, OpenVZ Linux VPS Hosting is more rigid when it comes to resources. This can become an issue depending on the size of the applications you wish to run on the server. For small applications, this should not pose a problem; however, if you’re running something more resource-consuming, you may need to rethink your choices.


KVM Linux VPS Hosting, on the hand, is far more flexible by allowing you to set minimum and maximum values for your resources so that you can only use the resources that your business needs and pay for it accordingly. This type of virtualization stays true to the defining features of virtual hosting: isolation and scalability. With 100% of the RAM and processing resources dedicated to you, your website is bound to perform better with lower requirements. KVM Linux VPS Hosting provides each individual user with his own kernel and a far more isolated environment than it’s the case with OpenVZ Linux VPS Hosting.

Overselling is a common occurrence in virtual web hosting, yet it seems to be happening less with KVM Linux VPS Hosting, precisely because it’s better isolated. In any case, beware of hosting companies that overcommit OpenVZ Linux VPS Hosting, even though it is typically a cheaper option than KVM Linux VPS Hosting.


Affordability is one of the reasons why many customers do opt for OpenVZ Linux VPS Hosting, but not the only one. Its speed also recommends it as a good virtual hosting solution for business. KVM Linux VPS Hosting, on the other hand, offers private virtualized hardware and the guaranteed resources for reliability and customizability. In the end, it is up to you to decide which virtualization system to go with as you’re setting up your business for success.


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