Issue You Need a Dedicated Server Unmetered?

Obtaining a business off the ground can frequently feel like a balancing act. You don’t want to handicap yourself by not investing enough into the business to ensure it runs successfully. Conversely, you can certainly fall into a situation where you have too much overhead in relation to the value you’re actually getting from sinking so much money into your venture. This kind of can happens at every amount of your operation. If it’s having too many employees vs. inadequate or renting out huge office space, it’s important to be critical of what you’re investing in. This stretches to your website, as well.

There are many options when it comes to hosting solutions and they’re all priced in another way. They range all the way from a few of dollars a month for shared hosting all the way up to using Dedicated Server Unmetered for maximum performance. Everyone would like the latest, greatest, best, and fastest. It’s why people upgrade their cell phones every year. However, when it comes to working your business, the greatest performance speeds come at a cost. If you are operating a static, informational site, a dedicated server is probably overkilled when it comes to your needs. Do you have a large e-commerce store, though? In that case going dedicated might make more sense for you.

Let’s explore who advantage the most from choosing for a dedicated machine.

Just what Dedicated Server Unmetered?

First of all things first, a simple description of what a dedicated server actually is. The moment you join shared hosting, you’re on a physical server with many other different websites and if you’re using the same reference pool. One machine, many sites. A VPS is the web hosting solution that most developers and business owners will probably want to opt for because it is a safe middle option. You are still on one physical machine with many sites, but each site gets its very own resources so there is the absolute nominal impact on your performance due to your neighbors.

Then we have a dedicated hardware which is a complete physical machine focused on just your site. Obviously, the performance is unrivaled because the entirety of the server’s resources intends towards powering only your site. Sounds great, right? Yet who needs all of that?

Really All About Traffic

The shorthand answer is: anyone expecting high volumes of traffic regularly (six numbers to millions of visitors) should opt for a Dedicated Server Unmetered. High amounts of traffic on the site without the proper facilities to handle it can definitely cause slow lows. This can be very damaging to your business. Easy methods to shown time and again that there is an immediate correlation between page speed and conversion rates. Consider that even a company as big as Walmart has learned this. They found that when load times jumped from 1 second to 4 seconds, conversions dropped greatly. And when load times went up? Each second increased the conversion rate. If you’re running an e-commerce site with a huge customer base, you won’t be able to afford to acquire that traffic bottleneck. A dedicated storage space would probably benefit you here.


E-commerce will probably be the most typical use case for many business owners interested in heading dedicated. Some more particular types of sites that might benefit from a Dedicated Server Unmetered include social systems and high trafficked content delivery sites (think Buzzfeed and the like). Consequently, if you’re looking to build a social empire, you may want your own server.


Let’s start with the caveat that security shouldn’t be the only reason you select for a dedicated storage space. That could be an expensive investment. But, as a benefit, having your own machine does lend itself to being somewhat more secure. This security comes from the relative isolation. About a shared hosting plan, yes, it is possible for a vulnerability in one site to let destructive actions to occur comprise of sites sharing the server space.

You Possess an Exceptionally “Heavy” Web page

If you have a feature rich site that has specialized functionality (you actually are constantly pulling in raw financial data and presenting it live, for example) or if your site has some serious server-side programming going on (complicated PHP) you may desire a Dedicated Server Unmetered to ensure visitors have a smooth experience on your site and don’t see stuttering when trying to load pages.


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